The Season One of P.s: Game Over began airing on Monday, March 7, 2011. It is a fan fiction. There was a break between June and September, 2011.

Season SummaryEdit

Julie Williams has just lost her sister, Alice Williams, in a brutal way, the only family she had. She was murdered by a serial killer of women. Given the inefficiency of the police, Julie and her boyfriend, Jake McCarty, on their own, get a third-party research that will culminate in the discovery of secrets that they never would have unearthed.


Main CastEdit

Recurring and Guest CastEdit


  1. Prologue
  2. Heaven Queen, Protect me
  3. Game Over, There Are No Rules In This Game Except Win At Any Coste
  4. I’ll Possess Your Body And I’ll Make You Burn
  5. What Is This That Stands Before Me?
  6. Just Kill Her, Kill That Girl. Now!
  7. Death Is Sweet For Those Who Kill And Frightening For Those Who Die
  8. The Mysterious E-mail
  9. When The Concern Stops Love
  10. An Unexpected Visit
  11. Tons of Findings and More Mysteries
  12. Dr. Jekyll is Wrestling Hyde for my Pride
  13. Please Don't Go Crazy, if I Tell You the Truth. No You Don't Know What Happened, And You Never Will