Jake McCarty


Jake McCarty


June 16, 1988 (age 23)


Cameron McCarty (Mother, Deceased)
Alan McCarty (Father, Deceased)
Dylan McCarty (Twin Brother)
Candance McCarty (Paternal Grandmother, Deceased)

Significant Kills






First Appearence

Heaven Queen, Protect me

Last Appearence

Please Don't Go Crazy, if I Tell You the Truth. No You Don't Know What Happened, And You Never Will

Jake Thomas McCarty (born June 16, 1988) is the main protagonist of P.s: Game Over. He is the twin brother of Dylan McCarty. He actually lives in Manchester, New Hampshire, United States. He is Julie Williams boyfriend.

Early LifeEdit

He was born in West County, Ohio. He comes from a prominent family, who wasn't rich but they had money. He was spoiled and was educated by his mother. He has a twin brother named Dylan McCarty.

In 2006, he knows Julie Williams and two months later they began a dating. Jake gave Alice his 15th birthday in a laptop.


Jake is calm and polite. He is controlled, and he tries in every way possible to make your loved ones feel good.


  • His backpack is black.
  • When Julie calls him, the song Let It Be, dos Beatles rings.
  • Julie calls him all the mornings during the week, but in weekend she can't call him.
  • He has an Audi Q7.
  • When Jake and Julie are very close, there is a "customary shiver."
  • He's studying law in college.


Season OneEdit

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