Before 1990


Unnamed Parents
Victoire (Older Sister)
Ryan (Brother-in-law)
Cindy (Niece)

Significant Kills






First Appearence

Tons of Findings and More Mysteries

Last Appearence

Tons of Findings and More Mysteries

Caleb is a guest character in P.s: Game Over. He's a player in Shadow War. Caleb lived with his sister, because she didn't think it would be nice to be created by their parents. He lost the game and was killed by the Killer. He was burned and attacked by a sewer rat.


Could see he was rebellious and mysterious boy on the outside, but inside he was a boy with panic and fragile and love his family very much.


Caleb was returning home when he was gagged, numb and fainted. He just woke up hours later in a metal bed, after a half-long conversation, the Killer left and returned with a sewer rat in his hands. The man took a can of iron that was burning in the fire and took up Caleb's body, put the rat over the boy's belly and arrested it with a can. The rat tried to escape by digging Caleb's belly, when he roared with pain. The Killer had glued Caleb's mouth, which prevented him from screaming. An extremely strong smell of burning flesh reached the nose of Caleb, baking your skin. After some time, the Killer tried to take the can of iron of Caleb's belly, but had fused with his skin, literally, then he ripped the metal from the boy's belly. Could see the internal organs of Caleb, what caused his death.


Season OneEdit

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