Alice Williams


Alice Williams


February 3, 1994 (aged 17)


Mr. Williams (Father, Deceased)
Mrs. Williams (Mother, Deceased)
Julie Williams (Older Sister)
Unnamed Aunt

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Dr. Jekyll is Wrestling Hyde for my Pride (mentioned only)

Alice Williams (born February 3, 1994) was a character of P.s: Game Over. She is the younger sister of Julie Williams. She lived in Manchester, New Hampshire, United States with her sister in her last life's time. Alice was a player of Shadow War and was killed by the Killer in Prologue. Tyler was her boyfriend.

Rebecca Bolyevart was her best friend and another Shadow War's player. Alice had a channel purse, seen in Prologue. Alice meet Rebecca on Darren's minutes before she be killed. In the night of her death, she was going to realize her test to be a member of Shadow War. She was raped shortly before being killed.

Early LifeEdit

Alice Williams was born in 1994, to Mr. Williams and Mrs. Williams. She can't broke her father's rules, this is seen in the first episode of P.s: Game Over. When she was 6 years old, she moves to Los Angeles to lives with her aunt, because her mother was died. When she was 13, her father died and she moves back to Manchester to lives with her sister.

In her 15th birthday, Jake gave her a laptop, where she played Shadow War.


Soon after leaving Rebecca on Darren's , Alice went to Willow Reserve do her test, but she don't knew that her friend would compete with her. When she didn't think the hidden prize in the reserve, she realized she had lost the game, so she was unexpectedly knocked out by Killer. Once Alice woke up, she saw that she was naked, tied to a tree, and saw a masked man approached her with a knife in his hands, and passed the knife on the Alice's cheek, which caused the girl's face was burnt when she cried. The Killer struck her with a stun gun, which eventually rendering her unconscious, after a while, Alice woke up, but was hit by the knife in the heart of the murderer. Shortly after her death, he raped her and left her there, where was found a day later.


  • She was the first character to be killed in the story.
  • Her eyes were brown and "much resembled those of the older sister".
  • The Killer was afraid to kill Alice because she was one of his favorite players.
  • Her email was


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